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Celebrating 10 years
of Organizing Atlanta!

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Organize My Business

Your Office Space
Do you feel like you are doing two jobs, are stuck in meetings all day, and struggling to get through e-mail? Today’s workplace is busier than ever. Working smarter, not harder, can only happen if you know how to be more productive, prioritize tasks and say “no” to low pay-off activities.
Many managers and executives have hired Laura Ray to coach them on handling paper, staying organized with projects, and getting control of e-mail.
“You are such a great help! Thank you for creating a better filing system for my important documents and resources.” – S. D., Agency Field Executive, State Farm

Together, we will:

  • Analyze your workflow and productivity
  • Tackle the paper stacks and files
  • Organize and simplify your workspace
  • Get control of your e-mail (see Organize My E-mail)

(Home-based business owners also see Organize My Home Office)

“Laura had a huge impact on my office organization and paper flow. She was very thorough, clearly explained what she was doing and what was next. The office staff loved her as well.” – Tom DiGregorio, Founder/President, AquaGuard Basement Systems
Catering warehouse before 1

Catering Warehouse – Before Laura Ray Organizing

Catering warehouse after 1

Catering Warehouse – After Laura Ray Organizing
Other Corporate Spaces

Laura will work with you or your team members on organizing any corporate space, including:

  • Office spaces
  • Workrooms
  • Mailrooms
  • Supply Closets
  • Storage rooms
  • Warehouses
“My catering company hired Laura to get organized to save time and increase productivity. We have seen a 10 percent labor savings with our operations department. Money well spent and money well saved!” — Cathleen Chartier, Owner, Catering company
All client names are kept confidential, unless permission is given to disclose.

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