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Organize My E-Mail

You’re giving e-mail a quick check before launching into a busy day. An hour later, you wonder where the time went. E-mail can help your productivity or sabotage it. Save time by learning how to effectively process and organize e-mail with an E-mail Management Session by Laura Ray.
Learn how to: 

  • Use the two-minute or less rule
  • Save (and remember!) the e-mails you are not able to process right away
  • Protect your in-box from hundreds of low priority messages
  • Create rules to route e-mails away from your in-box
  • Keep only 10 – 50 e-mails in your in-box at a time (based on your job or roles)
“I found Laura to be very supportive and non-judgmental when working with me on my e-mail. I had let my computer get waaay unorganized and was using my in-box as a “to do” list. Laura helped me with strategies to conquer this problem. She left behind detailed instructions so that I can carry on by myself.” – J. B., Business Owner
All client names are kept confidential, unless permission is given to disclose.

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