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Organize My Home

Life is busy, but if you’re like most people, you would rather spend time with family and friends than organize your home. Laura Ray can help. You want help getting your home in order and you want to know how to keep it that way. Laura’s tried and true methods will help you find anything in 15 seconds or less.
“Thank you so much, Laura, for the great work you did to help me organize my home and LIFE! It’s amazing how freeing it is, knowing everything has a place and that’s where I’ll find it. You did a fantastic job.” — Michelle Lombardo, Homeowner / Business Owner
Do you need help with any of these spaces in your home?
Kitchen Closets Garage
Pantry Bedrooms Basement
Mud Room Bathrooms Storage Room
Laundry Room Family Room Playroom
Lindsay before closet
Master Closet – Before Laura Ray Organizing
Lindsay after closet
Master Closet – After Laura Ray Organizing
Do you have piles of paper taking over your home?

See Organize My Home Office.

Would you like to get these projects organized?

  • Family photos and videos
  • Holiday decorations
  • Annual tax information
Laura Ray will help you de-clutter and develop systems that work for you, based on your personality, lifestyle and the needs of your family.
“Thank you, thank you! We love our garage! And it has stayed in the same shape since you left.” – K. C., Mother of two and Fortune 500 Manager
How it works: Three home organizing options
  1. Hands-on home organizing: You and Laura will work through the piles and stacks together, making decisions and ending with a space you will enjoy.
  2. Executive level home organizing: Laura will complete most of the organizing on her own or with an assistant. She’ll get your input and approval on things that need to be tossed, donated or shredded, and make “question piles” for you for intermittent times during the process.
  3. Do-It-Yourself organizing: If you have the motivation and time, but just need direction, this 3-hour on-site consultation will provide you with the tools to organize your home. This includes a strategy to tackle projects, a plan for how to organize the spaces, and recommendations on the best products for the job.

All client names are kept confidential, unless permission is given to disclose.

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