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Celebrating 12 years
of Organizing Atlanta!

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organize my home

Organize My Home

Kitchens, closets, basements, and garages, whatever your organizing challenge, Laura Ray’s tried and true methods can help you get control of your home and find anything in 15 seconds or less. Clear the clutter and create systems that are easy to use and maintain. Organize my home…

organize my home office

Organize My Home Office

Win the battle against paper and eliminate the stacks. Laura Ray can help you set up a functioning workspace and easy-to-use files. Learn how to get organized and keep it that way. Organize my home office…

organize my business

Organize My Business

Improve your workflow and productivity. Whether it’s your office or company workrooms, supply closets or warehouses, being organized saves time and reduces stress. Laura Ray will help you analyze your existing systems and develop solutions. Organize my business…





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